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Cable and bi-wire questions

Dear reader, 

Yesterday I have ordered a set of speakers (Kef Q700). One speaker will have around 9meter cable, the other spreaker is very close to the amplifier.


1. Does this affect the type of cables that I have to choose? And what length should I pick for the shortest? I was thinking a standard 2.5 or 4mm OFC cable (for example KÖNIG)? I do want a bit of quality, but do cables have that big influance? 

2. The speakers have 4 inputs each, Bi-wiring it's called? Is this advisable, given the meters? Any advantage to use this feature? My amplifier does not supports this.

3. If I do not use bi-wiring, should I then connect the cables on the bottom or top row inputs of the speaker?

4. Any other tips on speaker cables?


Thanks in advance and best regards,