Get the lowdown on our Readers' Award 2017 contenders

This year's What Hi-Fi? Awards may have a new format, but what hasn't changed is the Readers' Award - voting is now open for your favourite product of the year.

You have until Monday 9th October to cast your vote, but in case you can't make up your mind we've compiled all 10 products on one page to help you make your decision. Every vote counts.

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Denon D-M41DAB

Denon has bettered itself in a field it was already leading. The D-M41DAB is impressive proof that great pound-for-pound hi-fi sound need not always mean several separate components, while the inclusion of Bluetooth capability makes this sub-£400 Denon micro-system even better than before.

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KEF LS50 Wireless

These KEF Wireless speakers are way more than just active versions of the award-winning LS50s. They’re a complete system wrapped in a neat and brilliant package with high-res capability and Bluetooth streaming. Wonderfully detailed and balanced, these KEF LS50 Wireless speakers give you the performance of a top traditional system in a smart package for 'just' £2000.

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The most affordable 2017 LG OLED is also the pick of the range with its awesome premium 4K OLED picture at a price that we'd call reasonable - tested at £3000, you can pick up this excellent OLED screen for under £2000 now. Bargain.

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Naim Uniti Atom

Rarely does a product look and sound as good as the Uniti Atom, but here Naim has drawn big old capital S’s on Style and Substance. This £1750 streamer is modern hi-fi at its best, marrying stunning sound quality with features and usability in a seamless, appealing way.

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Oppo UDP-203

At £650 this is one of the priciest 4K Blu-ray players on the market, but Oppo's UDP-203 is an outstanding spinner that will do justice to your 4K Blu-rays discs - in picture and sound - and sets a new home cinema standard.

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Pro-Ject Primary

The Primary shows Pro-Ject remains the king of the budget turntable. A solid, easy-to-use deck that is a must-buy for anyone looking to get into vinyl for under £200.

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Sony KD-55A1

Sony's first 4K OLED manages to surpass LG's equivalent - which is mighty impressive. This 55in A1 combines all of the inherent qualities of OLED with the picture processing smarts of Sony to create an utterly stunning television. It's OLED at its finest yet.

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Sony STR-DN1080

Sony is back on form with a fantastic-sounding amp that ticks all the right boxes. Hitting the £500-ish sweet spot, this features-laden AV receiver is a compelling listen and a clear step above the competition.

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Spendor A4

Don't let the relatively plain - but beautifully built - speakers fool you. These £2200 A4s are excellent speakers, combining Spendor’s traditional insightful strengths with a generous dose of entertainment. They've easily climbed to the top of the list of our favourite premium floorstanders.

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Tidal Masters

High-res audio streaming is finally here. For £20 per month, the combination of Tidal and MQA successfully delivers an effective hi-res streaming experience that's well worth the monthly subscription.

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All set? Once you've made your decision, don't forget to cast your vote here before Monday 9th October!

Kashfia Kabir
Hi-Fi and Audio Editor

Kashfia is the Hi-Fi and Audio Editor of What Hi-Fi? and first joined the brand over 10 years ago. During her time in the consumer tech industry, she has reviewed hundreds of products (including speakers, amplifiers and headphones), been to countless trade shows across the world and fallen in love with hi-fi kit much bigger than her. In her spare time, Kash can be found tending to an ever-growing houseplant collection and hanging out with her cat Jolene.