After its 2016 debut, the high-end hi-fi, home cinema and lifestyle show is back for more. It's at London's Novotel London West from 29th September to 1st October - that's this weekend!

What Hi-Fi? is at the show on the Champagne level (which, let's face it, is where we belong) with an irresistible offer: 30% off a year's subscription plus a free gift worth up to £99. Our editorial staff are also on hand every day to answer any and all burning questions visitors may have. 

Like last year, The Indulgence Show comprises three areas: Headroom (the floorspace for headphones and portables), Audio London (where you'll find most high-end hi-fi) and Pure Pleasure (think luxury goods and fine wines).

So what can we (and you) expect to see? Well, just the 150-plus brands showing the latest in high-end hi-fi, portable audio and lifestyle products, of course! Exhibitors will include AKG, Arcam, Chord Electronics, Clearaudio, Dali, Dynaudio, Naim and KEF, to name but a handful. You can see the full list of exhibitors here

The What Hi-Fi? team will be on hand all weekend to answer your queries

PMC will be displaying its new 'Cor' integrated amplifier

Visitors will be the first in the UK to experience (and offer the appropriate vocal reaction) to the PMC Cor, the company’s first non-pro integrated amplifier, which was announced at the Munich High End show earlier this year. (Only know the guitar chords for Smoke on the Water? Then you may be interested to know PMC has also teamed with guitar tutor Richard Deyn to offer punters lessons at the show. But back to hi-fi…)

The Indulgence Show will also mark the UK debut of the sixth generation of Monitor Audio’s Silver series speakers and, if our review of the range’s 200 floorstanders is anything to go by, they're speakers that you won’t want to leave the show without hearing. 

That also goes for the remarkable Dynaudio Special Fortys, which we're pleased to say celebrate the Danish company's milestone birthday in triumphant style. They'll be making an appearance at the show, and if that's to be in their red birch finish, they should be very hard to miss indeed.

Also getting their UK debut at the show is a trio of Cabasse speakers: the spherical Baltic 4, Murano Alto floorstanders and the SWELL portable wireless speaker. The French manufacturer's distributor, Connected Distribution, will be unveiling them.

And when we say high-end, we mean it. Vertere Acoustics – British purveyor of turntables, tonearms and cables – has recently acquired distribution of Switzerland’s FM Acoustics and together they're presenting a system worth over £500,000. The system sees a UK debut for the FM Acoustics XS-III speakers. 

Heed is also presenting its four-strong Thesis range of hi-fi components, which includes a preamplifier, phono preamp, power supply and power amplifier.

There will even be – drum roll please! – a tuneable cable on show. Wire On Wire will be launching its Experience880 audio cable, which features the company’s REDpurl adaptive asymmetric geometry. 

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The Headroom zone promises the UK’s biggest selection of demonstrable headphones, so visitors will be able to get their hands (and ears) on everything from two-figure fare to high-end cans you’ll feel obliged to fondle very carefully.

London-based Audio Sanctuary (a partner of the show) will be bringing along rarely seen headphones from rarely seen brands, including ViVa Audio, Kumitate and Acoustune. The race will no doubt be on to see the rather intriguing $5,000 KD-P1 over-ears (pictured) from Japan’s KuruDa, too...

Last year it was hard to miss Arcadian Audio's Pnoe speakers


DELBOY14's picture

A day at the indulgence show

Friday. If you could not get there on friday you missed out, hardly a soul in sight and all the best seats with very little interference for other people, i got to ask everythink i wanted to, and listen to what i wanted, i learnt a few things about tuning your room to get a better sound from your system from GIF, i learnt all about cables and how The Chord Company use interference rejection in varying degrees to stop signal loss, just a shame it cost so much, the best interconects were blindingly good but out of this world in price. Still i now know that cables do have an effect on the sound of a system. 

One thing i did learn was that What HiFi does have some strange ideas on what is a five star product, i spent some time listerning to the acclaimed Monitor Audio Silver 200 via a Roksan K3 intergrated amp, while i likes its clean presentation they seamed a little lacking in body, later on i got to listen to the silver 300, WOW now we are talking, with the same K3 amp these were just so much better and at an extra £250 thats where my money would go for sure. 

I had a great day out and would like to thank those above for all thier help. i could go on even more but times up.