KEF teams up with Porsche Design for new wireless speaker and headphones

Like other traditional hi-fi brands such as B&W and Focal, KEF has broadened its range of products by branching out into the lifestyle market in recent years. Headphones and wireless speakers such as the KEF Muo are now an established part of the company's product portfolio.

KEF's latest venture sees the brand team up with the Porsche Design Group to create three premium lifestyle products: a wireless speaker and two pairs of headphones.

Porsche Design's previous audio product was the crazy 911 Soundbar, a £2200 soundbar-cum-wireless speaker. However, at £330, the Gravity One speaker is a little more affordable. It features a winged design and is carved out of a solid block of aluminium.

The speaker uses Uni-Q technology, which KEF claims can fire out 360-degree sound. Standard and aptX Bluetooth devices are supported, while there's also a built-in mic for taking calls and a USB output to charge smartphones. KEF claims a single charge should be good for around 10 hours of battery life.

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The Porsche Design and KEF Space Ones (£370) are active noise-cancelling headphones with an over-ear design. The earpiece shells are made from aluminium with a sandblasted titanium finish.

The Space Ones use 40mm drivers surrounded by 'racetrack' earpads filled with memory foam for the best possible fit.

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The Porsche Design and KEF Motion Ones (£220) are Bluetooth in-ear headphones which, like the Space Ones, use aluminium housings and feature a titanium finish. You can use them wired or wireless, taking advantage of their Bluetooth connectivity, which includes aptX.

The in-ears use a pivoted design which allows the cable to run over your ear for extra comfort and reduced cable noise. They're also water-resistant and KEF claims you should get 10 hours of wireless listening from the built-in battery.

The Porsche Design and KEF Gravity One, Space One and Motion One are all available to buy now.

Andy Madden

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