Our Verdict 
You can buy better sound, but their portability and noise-cancelling makes them worth a look
Impressive noise-cancelling
balanced, detailed delivery
lightweight and very portable
A bit sluggish when passive
a bit lightweight when active
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These Active noise-cancellers are the type with a battery in a unit on the cable, allowing Audio Technica to make the headphone section small and light.

The on-ear design isn't quite as comfy as a full-on over-ear, but the 'ANC1s are surprisingly good at blocking out noise.

They also offer a balanced, detailed delivery that lends itself well to all music. However, next to the class-leading Goldring NS-1000s they do lack spaciousness and attack.

But if you're a frequent flyer whose priority is portability, these are well worth a look.

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Audio Technica ATH-ANC1
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