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The best iPhone 11 deal in the Cyber Monday deals saves you up to $800

The best iPhone 11 deal in the Cyber Monday deals saves you up to $800
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There are iPhone deals, and then there are iPhone deals – and this iPhone 11 deal is an example of the latter. In fact, it's among the very best US Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals full stop. 

Why, you ask? Because when you buy a new iPhone 11 from Verizon on one of its Unlimited plans, you can get $400 off with a phone trade-in, as well as a $400 pre-paid Mastercard. That's $800 of savings to be had, then.

To qualify, you need to sign up to one of Verizon's Unlimited plans, and your trade-in phone must be a certain handset. You'll get the full $400 discount if you trade in, for example, an iPhone XS or XR, Samsung Galaxy S10, S9 or S8, or Google Pixel 4, 3 or 2. You'll get $300 instead for trading in older phones such as the iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G7 or Pixel 3a. The full list, plus the details of the Ts&Cs can be found in the 'Special Offer' small print here. Note that the $400 Mastercard credit amount can't be used against the purchase of the iPhone 11, too.

iPhone 11 for $699 at Verizon | Get up to $400 off iPhone 11 with trade-in and Unlimited plan + $400 Mastercard
Buy an iPhone 11 on a new Verizon Unlimited plan and you can get up to $400 off with a select phone trade-in, as well as a $400 Prepaid Mastercard. A $800 saving is just a few clicks away.View Deal

Naturally, not only will you be pocketing up to $800 of savings, you'll also be walking away with one of the best phones on the market.

As we said in our five-star iPhone 11 review, "the iPhone 11 delivers a great point-and-shoot camera (which is an improvement on the XR), runs off the same processor as the premium Pro and Pro Max and delivers solid battery life. Add the fact it produces a wonderfully rounded picture with sensational sound and the iPhone 11 is a superb all-rounder. If you want value for money combined with a good breadth of ability, it’s actually a bit of a no brainer".

"Despite not being the most glamorous new arrival, the iPhone 11 is arguably the most intriguing. It’s natural for all eyes to focus on the premium flagship 11 Pro and Pro Max, but ignore the 11 and you’re missing out on an affordable smartphone that ticks many of the same boxes for a lot less cash."


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