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Dynaudio unveils new Sub 250 II active subwoofer

Dynaudio has announced the arrival of its Sub 250 III active subwoofer, which it says is the "ideal solution" for your home theatre, stereo or subwoofer/satellite systems.

Available in four finishes, this new subwoofer is equipped with a 200W amplifier and a long-throw 24cm woofer. It is designed to bring more depth to a Dynaudio surround or two-channel set up.

To further enhance the bass performance of the subwoofer, a multi-sub configuration can be used with two or more subwoofers in parallel thanks to a "slave" function that bypasses the settings on the rear.

The audio signal can be fed from an AV receiver's subwoofer/LFE output into the sub's LFE input or from a stereo amplifier's pre-out into the SUB input. A SAT output will let you integrate the Sub 250 II and main speakers.

The Dynaudio Sub 250 III is available now for £750.

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by Pete Hayman

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