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Award-winning Cyrus SoundKey DAC now just £49 at Richer Sounds

Cyrus Soundkey now just £49 at Richer Sounds
(Image credit: Cyrus)

When looking for a great Black Friday hi-fi deal, your internal monologue should sound something like: did this product receive a five-star review at What Hi-Fi? It sure did. Is it a What Hi-Fi? 2019 Award-winner? Affirmative. And could I buy more than a coffee with the saving I'll make? Absolutely.

In this case, your answers are a chorus of yeses. To clarify that more-than-a-coffee saving, you'll get to keep £51 of the £100 we tested – and awarded – the Cyrus SoundKey at, as long as you head to Richer Sounds sharpish. 

Under test conditions, we concluded that the Cyrus SoundKey "makes a handsome difference to your on-the-go sound" leaving us with no choice but to give it five stars – and ultimately one of our coveted awards. 

At one end of the soundKey there’s a 3.5mm socket for plugging in headphones (or connecting to a system). At the other there’s a micro-USB socket. There’s no need (nor any room) for anything else. The logos (‘Cyrus’ on one side, ‘soundKey’ on the other) are raised just slightly to give both tactility and grip in a build which feels premium. 

Under review, we said "it opens the recording wide, allowing the tiny details space to reveal themselves and giving the tune a widescreen aspect some lesser portable DACs are simply not capable of." 

Our advice? If you're looking to level up your device's sonic output, it's little money well spent. 


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