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The best Richer Sounds deals 2020

Richer Sounds is one of the most popular AV retailers in the UK and that's in no small part because there's always Richer Sounds deals to be had.

The trusted retailer offers up to a six-year guarantee on lots of its products and it also has plenty of shops around the country. That not only means you can go into a shop to see and test kit before you buy, but also gives you a place to go if there are any issues with your purchase.

Our pick of the best Richer Sounds deals feature pretty much everything you'd find on What Hi-Fi?, from the latest 4K TV and OLED TV deals, to hi-fi and wireless speakers, soundbars, AV receivers, turntables, and plenty more besides. Don't forget to check out their payday deals as well as the clearance bargains which are usually specific to local stores.

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TV deals

Samsung UE50RU7020 50in 4K HDR TV for £449 £369
One we've tested in the 43in size, this is Samsung's bottom end but very, very capable 2019 TV. It's the best picture quality you'll find at this size and price combo.View Deal

Sony KD-55XF9005 55-inch 4K HDR TV for £1699 £799
4K pictures should look fantastic on this screen while the solid stand makes it easy to install. X-motion Clarity tech promises smooth sports and action movies while HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision support is present and correct. View Deal

Samsung UE75RU7020 75in 4K HDR TV for £999 £799
Like the TV at the top of this list but in a whopping 75in size, you'll be very hard pushed to find this much decent quality screen for such little outlay, anywhere, ever.View Deal

LG OLED55B9PLA 55in OLED TV £1299 £1099
Can't quite afford LG's top of the range OLED? No matter, the B9 is an excellent TV in its own right. It's 2019's panel with a 2018 processor hidden inside. It's still an excellent choice, though. We gave the 65in version a five-star review.View Deal

Sony KD55AG8 55in 4K HDR OLED TV for £1799 £1399
Sony’s 2019 AG8 OLED screen comes with an Acoustic Surface Audio – an interesting piece of audio tech which uses the screen itself as the speaker. You'll also get 4K UHD resolution, HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, Sony's proprietary Triluminos display and MotionFlow XR processing.View Deal

LG OLED55C9PLA 55in OLED TV £2499 £1299
With its incredible colours, intense blacks and razor-thin panel, this 2019 TV is just another in a long line of totally brilliant OLEDs from LG. It looks great and has all the streaming apps and features you'd want from a brand new TV, too. View Deal

Samsung QE65Q90R 65in 4K TV £1899 £1799
Not cheap but this is a very, very good TV indeed. The Q90R series is the best of Samsung from 2019. It's super strong on colour, detail in dark and light areas and also happens to have one of the best smart platforms in the business. It's a five-star set that's a pleasure to live with.View Deal

Panasonic TX-55GZ2000B 55in 4K OLED TV £2999 £2499
This 55in set is the best performing 4K TV from 2019. It's expensive but that outlay pays for a stunning Dolby Atmos performance and dark details unseen on OLEDs to date. It's a benchmark in picture quality.View Deal

Sony KD-85ZG9 85in 8K TV £13999 £9799

This 85-inch TV offers an astonishingly-lifelike image and almost no downsides in terms of performance. Convincing blacks, superb motion control, outstanding upscaling and equally spectacular sound. It's the best 8K TV around at the moment.View Deal

AV amplifier deals

Sony STRDH790 AV receiver £349 £289
Get the sound that your big-screen TV deserves, with the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X equipped Sony STR-DH790. Sony has turned out Award-winning amplifiers this year so while this is one of the company's entry-level models, we'd hazard it will be a decent bet.View Deal

Denon AVR-X2600H AVR £599 £399
A five-star AVR, the Denon AVR-X2600H is a brilliant machine with a weighty, expressive sound, nine channels of 150W amplification, eight HDMI inputs and two outputs. Including Dolby Atmos and AirPlay 2, it's right up to date and more affordable than ever.View Deal

Denon AVR-X3600H AVR £849 £649
This 2019 Product of the Year is a superb upgrade on the AVR above. This time there are 180W of amplification instead of the 150W. With an upgraded power supply and power transformer, and extruded aluminium heatsink compared to the 2018 version, it's one tight, muscular machine.View Deal

Arcam SR250 networked stereo/AV receiver £1499 £999
Pitched as an all-rounder when released in 2016, this amp is a good choice for those with a stereo set-up attached to their AV hub too. While it's not quite the best on the music front, this huge discount makes it a cert for your consideration.View Deal

Hi-Fi deals

Denon DM41 micro system for £239 £199
Denon adds Bluetooth to its brilliant CD player and radio micro system with predictably excellent results. You can save on this system right now, and no doubt pick up a pair of speakers in the sales too. It's available in silver or black.View Deal

Denon DM41 micro system and Monitor Audio Bronze 2s £448 £349
Or you can buy the Denon DM41 as above already bundled with a pair of Award-winning speakers. The speakers are also available at a discount on their own. Decisions, decisions.View Deal

Marantz CD6006 UK Edition CD player £349 £319
Product of the Year time and time again, this is simply the best budget CD player you can buy. It might only have a few quid knocked off but it's as low a price as you'll see.View Deal

Cambridge Audio CXN (V2) Network Streamer £799 £699
Brushed metal finish, intuitive menus - this could be the streamer you're looking for. It combines snappy timing with subtle levels of detail and there's a wide range of features to choose from. Use the on-page code at check out to get the discount.View Deal

Turntable deals

Audio Technica LP3 for £199 £149
Audio Technica has fashioned an automatic turntable with ease of use and affordability but one that also follows the rule of hi-fi which states that performance is always king. It's expressive and musical with plenty of detail, and now a steal with £50 off.
View Deal

Audio Technica AT-LP120XUSB £245 £199 at Richer Sounds
A plug and play turntable complete with USB connection for digitising your vinyl. It's a brilliant by with this discount at Richer Sounds.View Deal

Denon DP300 for £299 £249
Using a 4mm-thick cabinet, the Denon DP300's plinth promises both rigidity and high density for the lowest levels of distortion. The aluminium platter should also give better sonic results than plastic. You can save £50 on the price of this Denon turntable right now.View Deal

Sony PS-HX500 USB turntable £299 £269
Want to rip vinyl to hi-res? Of course you do. This entertaining turntable has that ability, sounds great while it's doing so and these days is a serious bargain.View Deal

Yamaha MusicCast VINYL 500 £549 £429 at Richer Sounds
A wireless, belt drive turntable with built in music streaming services. Connect to any MusicCast device for cable-free, multi-room listening.View Deal

Speaker deals

Wharfedale Diamond 220 for £129 £119
Tested at £200, the price for these speakers may have got old but the sound certainly hasn't. Incredible detail, wonderful balance, brilliant dynamics; they really are hard to fault.View Deal

Sonos One SL wireless speaker £179 £139
The baby of the Sonos range, the One SL is a great entry point into the world's favourite multi-room platform. It's small, easy to use and has all the streaming options, missing out only on voice control.View Deal

Monitor Audio Bronze 2 standmount speakers £279 £189
This is a monster discount on these brilliant and classic looking five-star standmount speakers. These previous Award-winners have great weight and scale, and offer impressive musical insight too. Available bundled with a Denon micro system above too.View Deal

Audio Pro Addon C3 £249 £199
You'll find savings on all the Audio Pro Addon Award-winning multi-room speakers at Richer Sounds, right now. The C3 is solid mid-ranger but you can spend less on the T3 or head on up to the C10 as well. All very good wireless speakers.View Deal

Q Acoustics 3050 for £399 £299
Five star floorstanders from quite some time ago but these speakers have timeless quality and finish to them. With £100 off the price of what they once were, this is an excellent deal. Grab 'em.View Deal

Soundbar deals

JBL Bar Studio soundbar £129 £99
Along with the M2 below, this soundbar is one of the easiest and cheapest upgrades to your TV sound that you can ever make. It's not going to solve your music listening problems but it will add some much needed weight and detail to your favourite shows.View Deal

Q Acoustics M2 soundbase £199 £169
Our What Hi-Fi? award winning soundbase from 2019 has broken the £200 barrier. Crisp, punchy and strong enough to support a 25kg TV.View Deal

Yamaha YAS-207 soundbar £299 £249
This What Hi-Fi? Award-winning soundbar is a no-brainer. It'll add an instant spacious and immersive element to a simple TV set-up and it's deadly easy to use as well. HDMI sockets for 4K passthrough and a tonne of Dolby and DTS support. Just lovely.View Deal

Sonos Beam for £369 £339
One of the best performance-per-pound products Sonos has produced, the Beam is a blinding little soundbar that is musically capable of doubling up as your go-to wireless speaker.View Deal

Yamaha MusicCast Bar 400 £599 £399
This powerful soundbar and wireless sub offers immersive DTS Virtual:X sound and can be paired with optional rear speakers for even more depth. Part of the MusicCast system, this can be controlled by your phone and sits as part of a multi-room set-up. Other features include AirPlay, Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa voice controls and 4K and HDR compatibility. View Deal

Headphone deals

SoundMagic E10 for £40 £25
The SoundMagic E10s look and sound like they’re worth much more than £40, which makes them an absolute steal - and that's why they were a repeat Award-winner in previous years.View Deal

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 true wireless headphones £120 £99.95
These five-star wireless buds blew us away with their rich, detailed sound. Eventually, we had no choice but to give Cambridge Audio's first true wireless offering a What Hi-Fi? 2019 Award. They're now even cheaper than the Apple AirPods 2 and can be yours for 5p under £100. Bargain. View Deal

Shure SE425 for £219 £169
These class-leading in-ears have been around for more than half a decade, and they've been picking What Hi-Fi? Awards all that time. A £50 saving on anything this talented is not to be sniffed at.View Deal

Sennheiser Momentum 3 noise-cancelling headphones £339 £299
This five-star, flagship pair of the now-iconic Momentum line are great. Physics may tell you that momentum relies upon mass and velocity, but here it is maintained by a consistently strong and reliable reputation for great-value sound.View Deal

Projector deals

Epson EH-TW650 1080p LCD projector £529 £499
Just a small discount on this super-convenient, Full HD projector, but then it was already a bargain. This talented Award-winner has short throw capabilities of between 1.35 - 1.64m, so it's perfect for those with small rooms and an even tighter budget.View Deal

Optoma UHD40 4K projector £1119 £999
An Award-winner at What Hi-Fi? since 2018, this 4K HDR projector is a piece of DLP magic. It's simply the best value projector around. It's strong on detail, great with colours and provides a beautifully balanced image no matter the content.View Deal

Optoma UHD65 4K HDR projector £2749 £2499
The next jump in performance from Optoma is this Award-winner.It may not have all the bells and whistles of a high-end, native 4K projector, but it is future-proof and should keep you happy for years. At this price, the Optoma UHD65 is the one to beat.View Deal