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Best Buy sale: save $100s on Amazon Echo, Fire TV and 4K TVs

Save $100 on the Amazon Fire TV Recast at Best Buy
(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon Prime Day was last week, but no one told Best Buy – it's emulating some of Amazon's best deals right now!

You can save $100 on the Amazon Fire TV Recast, over $20 on the third-gen Echo Dot, and $50 on the Echo Studio. There are also savings to be had on the Echo Auto, Echo Flex, Echo Show 5, and some non-Amazon products, too.

Browse all the Amazon 60-Hour Savings Event deals at Best Buy

Amazon Fire TV Recast 500GB $229 $129 at Best Buy
You can save $100 on either size of this DVR – the 500GB version is now just $129, while the 1TB model is $179. Two tuners let you record two channels at once, and you can watch back on other Amazon devices like the Echo Show or Fire TV.View Deal

Amazon Echo Studio $199 $149 at Best Buy
There's $50 off Amazon's audiophile-grade smart speaker, too. Alexa smarts give you voice controls, and it can be used for everything from news, weather, traffic, calls and more. But its real forte is music.View Deal

Amazon Echo Show 5 $89 $44 at Best Buy
Another Echo speaker, but this one has a screen. Watch recipes! Conduct video calls! Binge-watch YouTube! The 5in screen is a good size for a bedside table, or a kitchen work surface. And voice controls mean you won't have to touch the screen with messy fingers. Bonus.View Deal

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen $39 $18 at Best Buy
This is almost identical to Amazon's deal on Amazon Prime Day. Admittedly the retailers might be trying to shift stock before the 4th Gen Dot arrives, but we won't hold that against them – this is a great deal on Amazon's most popular smart speaker.View Deal

Amazon Echo Auto $49 $19 at Best Buy
It'll be a road trip like no other with Alexa in the passenger seat. It plays your phone's audio through your car's speakers, so you can take advantage of that awesome in-car system you spent a pretty dime on. And cooling vents make sure it doesn't overheat.View Deal

Amazon Echo Flex $24 $9 at Best Buy
If you don't want a fully-fledged smart speaker taking up space, you could opt for the Echo Flex instead. It plugs into a power socket, bringing Alexa to any room of the house. And if you do want decent audio, just sync it to a smart speaker and get barking your requests. Alexa, play Led Zeppelin, stat!View Deal

Samsung 82in 4K LED TV $1999 £1399 at Best Buy
The deals aren't exclusively on Amazon's products. There's also $600 to be saved on this Samsung TV! It's huge, at 82 inches, with 4K picture quality and HDR for stunning contrast ratios.View Deal

All of these deals are live now, but only last until Thursday, so hurry if you want to take advantage.


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