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Argos deals: the best early tech deals

Argos deals
(Image credit: Future / Jack Ryan, Amazon Prime)

The mere mention of Argos deals is enough to prick the ears of most tech fans. From 4K TVs to wireless headphones, games consoles to smart speakers, Argos deals tend to serve up some of the tastiest tech discounts and have we got a selection for you.

Of course, some deals are better than others and, frankly, you're probably not interested in a cheap sandwich toaster. For that reason, we've sifted through all the Argos deals and listed the best ones below. 

From TVs and soundbars, to wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, next-gen games consoles and iPads, you'll find a tranche of tip-top Argos deals neatly arranged below.

Right, time to roll out the reductions!


Samsung, LG and Sony are just some of the big brands discounted during the year at Argos.


Argos specialises in affordable AV, making it a great place to shop for cheap soundbar deals.  


There are discounts on wireless headphones too, including premium models from the likes of Bose, Beats and Sony. We've listed the best prices on Argos below...

Wireless speakers

Argos has a great track record when it comes to deals on wireless speakers. This year it's promising big discounts on both Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart speakers...

Blu-ray players

Argos also shaves some cash off Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray players. Sony and LG are just some of the big brands you'll find discounted...

Games consoles

The arrival of the PS5 and Xbox Series X has brought some Christmas cheer to gamers. Argos carries both next-gen consoles but expect to see the biggest discounts across previous Xbox One X, PS4 and Nintendo Switch consoles, in addition to games and accessories...


Argos carries an expansive range of tablets, from budget Android models to the latest iPads. Don't forget: discounts can include free accessories as well as cash savings...