Music servers/clients


£ 190

This network player has great format support, but it can't quite match Apple TV in the usability stakes

£ 117

It might be lacking a hard disk, but this streamer more than makes up for it with its good price and easy-to-navigate menus

£ 190

For those who want a media streamer with Apple style usability that isn't made by Apple, this just might be the product for you

£ 130

It may be affordable, but if you want to go wireless we think it's worth saving a bit extra

£ 2500

This all-in-one network player promises, and delivers, astounding results. Just don't try to set it up yourself...

£ 2150

A fantastic piece of 21st-century hi-fi, this hard-disk music server delivers exceptional sound

£ 250

This wireless music system delivers multi-room in simple style

£ 219

It's got a couple of flaws and missing features, but we can't help but like this new Streamium

£ 960

The best wireless music system in the business just got even better

£ 2495

It's rare that we see a product as innovative as this – whatever your hi-fi needs, the NaimUniti does it all