There's life in the venerable CD player yet, regardless of the rise of streaming services.

And whether you want your disc-spinner to function purely as a transport, as a disc-player/streamer or as a multi-format do-it-all, there's a machine here to suit... because these are the best players and CD transports you can buy. 


CD player and CD transport reviews

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Cyrus CD Xt Signature

Reviewed on 23rd April 2015 at

The Xt Signature sounds cleaner, crisper, and more dynamic than anything at the same price. But it's a transport, so you'll need a DAC to partner it with.

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Money-no-object CD transport

Chord Blu MkII

Reviewed on 22nd November 2017 at

Chord's upscaling CD transport doesn't come cheap, but it sounds fabulous with the right DAC.

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