Apple 4K Ultra HD TVs rumoured for 2014

22 Oct 2013

A new report suggests Apple will release 55in and 65in 4K TVs in 2014, with prices between $1500 and $2500.

Rumours of an "Apple iTV" have been around for years now, most recently suggesting Apple would launch an OLED TV, but the latest report suggest the first Apple televisions will be driven by the demand for 4K Ultra HD TV.

Bloomberg reports an analyst from the Advanced Research Japan Co., who suggests 55in and 65in Apple 4K TVs will emerge in Q4 of 2014. 

LG and Samsung will be in line to manufacture such sets according to analyst, Masahiko Ishino. LG told back in April that now was the not the time for an Apple TV, but no doubt by the the end of 2014 that opinion could have changed.

Apple TV boxApple has so far taken a relatively soft approach to tackling the living room, with the Apple TV box famously seen as no more than a hobby for Apple. 

That said, Steve Jobs reportedly told his biographer he had "finally cracked" the Apple TV that he had in mind.

It was confirmed that Apple was looking at the idea of a TV at the back end of 2012, and Apple has since hired the services of Dr. Lee Jeung-jil, formerly at LG Display and also involved with the P-OLED research at Cambridge Display Technology. No doubt fuelling the Apple OLED TV speculation. 

Previous speculation had previously suggested an Apple iTV would come packing Apple’s Siri technology, which would allow users to control the majority of functions using voice commands. 

More pie in the sky or will Apple release an all-action, touchscreen OLED  4k Apple TV in 2014? Hmm. We asked a very similar question in 2013. We shall see.

Apple may yet reveal a new Apple TV box alongside the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 at tonight's Apple launch event, though any more news of a full-size Apple TV is highly unlikely.


by Joe Cox

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I have to agree with you relocated, not to mention a 55 and 65inch TV is not going to do iTunes SD & HD downloads much justice

I think 4K is coming but i think we are jumping the gun when it comes to an Apple TV, if we are given a 55ich 4K TV with Apple smart features and Siri for £1300 or less i cannot see the profit margin being enough for Apple.

Not only that future upgrades will be less exciting or worthwhile because Apple have never given us everything that we want from the start, even though it maybe a quality product Apple always leave us wanting more


I thought they were getting enough free publicity with tonights launch of new iPads etc without the need to seed this.

The prices sound completely unrealistic even for the USA, a 4K APPLE tv for less than a £grand???   Well Sony, Samsung and Panasonic must be defacating themselves.