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Jelle says hi!

Hi everybody, 

I'm Jelle, 23,  and i live in Holland. I really love music and sound systems (ever since i was little), and i have often just browsed on this site, reading reviews and topics. I have a lot of experience in the PA field (not so much in the hifi field though), and i can safely say that i'm a big bass-head. I really appreciate good sound quality, but as a medical student, my financial situation is unfortunately not good enough to buy what i like. So untill i recieve my first decent salary, i'm stuck with old Bose 301 II speakers, a yamaha ax497 and a tonsill 200 subwoofer. (Not that bad though, compared to my fellow students). I will be browsing this site with great interest:)

I hope i can learn a lot here!




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RE: Jelle says hi!

Gel will get jealous, Jelle... Wink

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RE: Jelle says hi!

Smile   :wave:

AV system: LG OLED 55EA980W TV, Samsung F7500 Blu-Ray player, Pioneer Sc-lx81 amp, B&W FPM series speakers & B&W PV1 subwoofer.  Gadgets: iPad 2 & iPhone 4s. Headphones: Beats Studio & Sennheiser Momentum.


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