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Audiolab MDAC vs Calyx DAC 24/192

Hi i am new here,

Greetings everyone!


i am hoping to hear some comparisons or comments about how the Mdac vs Calyx 24/192 compete in terms of sound quality, i know the Mdac was DAC of the year but also i have heard that hte Calyx is very very good and is almost head to head with Weiss dac...






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RE: Audiolab MDAC vs Calyx DAC 24/192

Hi Miki, and wecome Smile

Calyx are Korean right? I don't think there is a UK dsitributor for them. I think AmpCity used to sell them but they went bust recently. I can't see a price for the 24/192 but if I recall correctly it was over £1000 putting it way above the M-DAC, which also has a headphone amplifier, and a very good one.

I am curious about the more reasonable Calyx Kong, which looks very much like the Arcam rPAC.

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RE: Audiolab MDAC vs Calyx DAC 24/192

Hi Quadpatch,


Calyx has an UK seller "Item Audio" that also sells W4S dacs, i'm still looking but i thing my search goes for these two and perhaps plus one:

Mytek Stereo192-DSD-DAC USD $1,695.00 usd, word on the street says this will be the new Benchmark dac1

I’m inclined to say look for async USB 24/192.

If the USB receiver is by XMOS so much the better as it has a very large installed base.

UAC2 (USB audio class 2) support I do think a plus as it works on all OS including Linux.


Those are the suggestions by a well known reviewer that has tested all this guys


But still looking for new opinions!



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RE: Audiolab MDAC vs Calyx DAC 24/192

Calyx are korean mate has one dac 24/192 different ball park to the audiolab mdac

competes with top end stuff like weiss ,  with the matching 200wpc integrated which a very nice 24/96 usb dac

 you can get them for about the same price as the mdac


mac pro . jplay , dac 24/192 , cti i200wpc integrated , usher mini dance two all in he paid £7k sounds like £20k

solid aluminium case , great build , the top of the range femto compares to silly price ones at £10k  



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