NEWS: Boston's stereo SoundBar keeps it simple

Tue, 2 Oct 2007, 11:40am

Boston Acoustics-Tvee-Caramel

The idea of a 'soundbar' speaker for use with flatscreen TVs isn't new - companies such as Denon and Yamaha already make similar products - but Boston Acoustics has decided to keep things simple with its new TVee Two: the £350 unit has a wireless subwoofer, and can learn the volume and mute commands from a TV's handset, so you don't even need an extra remote control.

Designed for use with flatscreens of 32in and above, the TVee Two requires just a single connection from a TV's line audio output, and is stereo only, rather than having the surround simulation commonly found in such units. It uses four 6.5cm mid/bass drivers and a pair of 12.5cm dome tweeters, while the subwoofer has a downward-firing 15cm bass unit, the system having a total power output of 100W.

The wireless sub can be hidden away anywhere in the room, and the TVee Two also comes with Boston Acoustics' Personal Option Plan - a wide range of coloured cloth grilles are available for the main speaker unit, at £45 each. The one at the top of this page is Caramel, and the TVee Two is seen in black below.

Boston Acoustics-Tvee-Bar-Sub

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Maybe because it's close to lunchtime.. but does anyone else think the soundbar looks like a finger of Kit-Kat and the sub a very large Munchie? Have Boston been working with Nestle's chocolate designers??

Well spotted... although a shrink might suggest that this counts  as a Freudian slip. Chocolate on the brain.

I am in agreement and the subwoofer looks alot like a Munchie!

Maybe they are apart of the Nestle group and through subliminal messaging are promoting there chocolate!

Chocolate? Did someone say chocolate?!

You are all wrong, its Beige. Are they aiming this at the older generation?

Morris Marina Beige, in fact...