We round up the best wireless headphones on the market, whether you're looking for something more affordable or willing to splash the cash, there's choices aplenty here…

Headphone cables can be annoying - the amount of times we've been tangled up by a door handle or caught by a desk while walking past is proof of that. Wireless headphones offer you music with no strings attached, and better still, the sound quality is getting ever closer to that of wired headphones.

There's no one dominant maker in the market, but there are plenty of options available, from simple, no-frills efforts to headphones stacked with features.

Starting at £50 and ending at £400, we've reviewed the best at each price point. If you're looking to go wireless, we'd start with these…

Best wireless headphones under £50
Slick Distributions SD50
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When we first reviewed these headphones, they were called Slick Distributions SD50. Now they have a more unwieldy name (SD50 SoundWear Bluetooth Stereo Headset from G-Hub). If you can find them, that is... 

£30 for an on-ear pair of headphones seems fairly unbelievable, so it's no surprise they got snapped up quick. Once you consider that the SD50 is a wireless Bluetooth headphone then the proposition becomes even more staggering.

For this price you get a compact pair of cans with a decent charge of 10 hours. Perfect for when you're out and about.

Sadly, they're not currently available on Amazon, though you may see the odd pair crop up on eBay.

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Best wireless headphones under £100
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Following AKG's award-winning Y50s, the Y45BTs are another portable headphone from the Austrian company, but these come with no strings attached.

They're not the flashiest of headphones, but they offer a strong aptX Bluetooth connection that rarely, if ever, drops.

Like the Philips M2BT, buttons for playback/power have been intuitively placed on the right ear-cup, so switching tracks or powering off is incredibly easy.

But what about the performance? Surprisingly for a small pair of 'phones there's plenty of heft to the bass and they dig out lots of detail.

Midrange, bass and treble are well integrated, although we'd like some more refinement.

There's a noticeable hiss that you get with some Bluetooth sets, nevertheless, this is an impressive effort from AKG.

Solid sound, convenient design and comfortable to wear – there's a reason why they're on this list.

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Best wireless headphones under £200
Bose Soundlink On-ear
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Bose has delivered solid-sounding headphones in the past and that hasn't changed with the Soundlink On-ear.

They're not as chunky as some other efforts, with their retractable design meaning you can carry them in your bag (or the pouch they come with) when you're not using them.

Bose has put a lot of effort in making them easy to use. A helpful female voice guides you through initial set-up, and she also tells you how much is battery left, the device connected and who's calling. That's a very helpful feature.

On the audio front, bass is solidly communicated with a good level of clarity and detail. Battery life is an impressive 15 hours.

They're a talented pair of headphones and well worth auditioning.

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Best wireless headphones under £300
Philips Fidelio M2BT
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When we first made this list Philips' Fidelio M1BT was our choice in this section. Now they've been usurped by another Philips headphone, the M2BTs.

Similar in look to the M1BTs, there isn't much in the way of changes with only minor updates made. Like their predecessor, the M2BTs sound fantastic, retaining that rich, balanced sound that made the M1s so entertaining.

Add to its arsenal the ability to pair/play music by using the controls on the right ear-cup and high-quality aptX Bluetooth, and you have a recipe for a convenient and fantastic sounding pair of headphones.

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Also consider...
Best wireless headphones under £400
Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless
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Sennheiser's second generation of the Momentum range has been an absolute cracker for the company and that's no less apparent than with the 2.0 Wireless.

The high-quality aptX Bluetooth is onboard, and thanks to some terrific battery life you'll be getting around 22 hours of wireless playback.

What really took us by surprise with these cans was their performance. Composed and full-bodied, it's the kind you'd typically associate with wired. This headphone can do both but the difference between the two was closer than we expected.

The price for these Momentums could be considered as steep, but they're absolutely worth it.

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