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Prime Day deal: Amazon Fire TV Cube down to $70

Prime Day deal: Amazon Fire TV Cube down to $60
(Image credit: Amazon)

The Amazon Fire TV Cube voice-controlled 4K video streamer is now $70 for a short time on Amazon Prime Day

Down from its usual $120 price tag, the Fire TV Cube offers everything that the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K can but it also has a built-in speaker and will still work when your TV is switched off. So, you can stream 4K content from the likes of Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, SHOWTIME and NBC but also use it as an Alexa-enabled wireless speaker.

Amazon Fire TV Cube $120 $70 on Amazon

Use your voice to control your TV watching, your soundbar, your AV receiver and your satellite/cable TV box. Or just use it as an Alexa-enabled speaker that happens to be able to stream 4K video content to your TV too. Worth a pop on Prime Day.View Deal

While the internal speaker itself is not the best, the Fire TV Cube offers more flexibility for controlling your smart home with its far-field microphone array, allowing voice recognition from a great distance than the Fire TV Stick.

You can play, pause, fast forward, and otherwise voice control your viewing as well as a host of Alexa-enabled kit you may have in your AV set-up and beyond including your soundbar, your lights and your music.

There’s 16GB of internal storage available but if the speaker and the extra space aren’t big on your list, then you might find that the half-price Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K offers better value for you.

Either way, both deals end on midnight 16 July, so don’t spend too much time thinking about it.


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