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NEWS: Now Universal goes Blu-ray

In a move that was almost inevitable given today's news from Toshiba, Universal Studios Home Entertainment has confirmed it will be releasing titles on Blu-ray. The company, the strongest supporter of HD DVD from the off, hasn't yet said what the time-frame is for its move, but confirms it will happen.

And that just leaves Paramount yet to show its hand on the day that saw the end of the Blu-ray/HD DVD 'format war'.

The statement issued by Universal Studios Home Entertainment President Craig Kornblau, seen left speaking at a past HD DVD Promotion Group event, says that "The path for widespread adoption of the next-generation platform has finally become clear.

"Universal will continue its aggressive efforts to broaden awareness for hi-def’s unparalleled offerings in interactivity and connectivity, at an increasingly affordable price. The emergence of a single, high-definition format is cause for consumers, as well as the entire entertainment industry, to celebrate.

While Universal values the close partnership we have shared with Toshiba, it is time to turn our focus to releasing new and catalog titles on Blu-ray."