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NEWS: Meridian adds a touch of Dunhill luxury to its AD88 home entertainment system

British hi-fi specialist Meridian has made something of a habit of late of developing products in conjunction with other luxury brands. Remember the Ferrari F80 system?

Now it's teamed up with that quintessentially British brand Alfred Dunhill to produce the AD88 home entertainment system.

Hand built in the UK, the Alfred Dunhill AD88 is finished in polished wood and hand lacquer. But beneath that very traditional exterior lies a high-tech heart.

Like the F80 system before it, the AD88 is a CD/DVD player with built-in DAB/FM/AM radio, and just to prove it's a product for the 21st century, there's an iPod docking station too.

The system is powered by three amplifiers, which deliver 80w to the two front speakers and the rear subwoofer. The result, claims Meridian, is "a wonderfully detailed rich output with an impressively wide acoustic soundstage".

The electronics are housed in a solid, die-cast metal baseplate and the speakers are enclosed in a densely-layered wooden cabinet.

The AD88 will be available from July for £1999, including iPod dock.

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