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Meters Cubed is a VU meter-incorporating wireless speaker system

We've seen on-ear and in-ear headphones with VU meters from Meters Music - now a desktop wireless speaker system joins the quirky brand's distinctive product line-up.

The mains-powered Meters Cubed comprises three desktop-friendly 90mm-cubed, well, cubes - two of which are stereo speakers, each featuring a 2.5in driver driven by a 10 watts-per-channel amplifier.

The Cubed is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology for wireless connectivity to a laptop, smartphone or tablet. There’s also a 3.5mm input for hardwiring devices.

The audio consumer brand – the offspring of Ashdown Engineering, which provides guitar amps to some of the world’s biggest musicians - made use of its parent company’s relationship with U2 by teaming up with the band’s bassist Adam Clayton for its in-ears, but no such celebrity endorsement has (thus far) been attached to the Cubed.

Meters Cubed comes in black or white finishes and is available now, priced at £200.


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