It's the brainchild of Ashdown Engineering, which makes amplifiers for some of the world's biggest musicians.

A new consumer audio brand has launched this morning. Meters Music is the offspring of Ashdown Engineering, which makes amplifiers for some of the world's most popular musical acts, including Foo Fighters, U2, Biffy Clyro and System of a Down.

So what can we expect from this musical heavyweight? The brand is promising a range of consumer audio products, including both wired and wireless noise-cancelling headphones, desktop audio systems, and a hybrid amplifier/wireless speaker aimed at musicians both accomplished and budding alike.

The range - which won't be announced until January - has been designed and sonically tuned in consultation with the artists who use Ashdown amplifiers. Each product will feature the company's signature VU meters, which react in real-time to the sound of the music being played (as you can see in the headphones pictured above). 

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According to Meters Music, the products are already highly sought-after by those who have seen them.

"After nearly three years of design and patents, we are over the moon with the sound of these products," said Mark Gooday, managing director of Meters Music. "Our artists are asking daily when they can get their hands on them, and the iconic VU Meter has been a huge hit with them all."

Shavo Odadjian, bassist for System of a Down, added: "Ashdown has been a huge part of my sound for over a decade, now I can take them with me everywhere."

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Friesiansam's picture

I find it very hard to see

I find it very hard to see the point of VU meters on headphones, especially as you cannot see the meter whilst using the headphones.

tteeydoc's picture

My thoughts exactly. I think

My thoughts exactly. I think in a bid to be different, they've introduced something totally pointless.