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Meridian offers system and DSP speaker firmware upgrade

Meridian 861

Meridian has developed a firmware update to further enhance the performance of its surround sound controllers and DSP loudspeakrs.

The update covers a wide range of Meridian products, including: 861 V4 and V6, G68, G61, G61R and C61R; DSP3100, DSP5000, DSP5200, DSP6000, DSP7000, DSP7200 and DSP8000.

For Meridian sound controllers, this latest update adds two features: Meridian's proprietary 'apodising' style upsampling filters, said to make music, TV and film soundtracks sound even better; and an enhancement to the 'Direct' and 'Stereo DSP' presets, the DSP modes designed for listening in stereo.

As for customers with Meridian DSP speakers, there are a number of improvements including better system integration with a Meriidian Sooloos Digital Media system, plus proprietary upsampling filters and an improved crossover alignment.

There is also an update to the new Audio Core 200 – Meridian's stereo system controller – giving it the features it needs to control the firm's brand-new DSW subwoofer.

The firmware upgrade is free for existing owners, and can be installed by your Meridian dealer.

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