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LG's 2020 TVs finally get iPlayer and other BBC streaming apps

LG's 2020 TVs finally get iPlayer and other BBC streaming apps
(Image credit: LG / The Boys, Amazon Prime)

LG's 2020 TVs are undeniably excellent, but they launched with one major flaw as far as UK buyers are concerned: they were missing all of the UK's core catch-up apps.

Now, four months after we reviewed LG's first 2020 model (the OLED65GX), BBC iPlayer has finally been added to the range, along with BBC News and BBC Sport.

The BBC iPlayer app will automatically appear in the webOS launcher bar from this week. If you want BBC News and BBC Sport, you'll have to download them from the LG Content Store.

It's not all good news, though: there's still no update on when (or even if) these 2020 TVs will get ITV Hub, All 4 and My5. While iPlayer is clearly the most valued of the UK's catch- up services, many people consider the full suite to be the least that should be expected from a smart TV platform. In fact, LG's 2019 TVs all shipped with all of these apps, thanks to LG's partnership with Freeview Play. One wonders if LG is regretting having not renewed that partnership into this year.

Still, at least you're now able to watch the BBC's catch-up and on-demand content on stellar LG TVs such as the five-star OLED48CX and its 55in brethren.


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