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Creative announces new Aurvana in-ear headphones

The In-Ear3 Plus are a dual balanced armature design, and feature a dark chrome finish.

They use Creative's AuralSeal in-ear technology, which claims to provide "98% noise isolation". There's also a one-button remote built into the braided headphone cable.

The In-Ear2 Plus earphones meanwhile are a new version of an older Aurvana model. They're still a balanced armature design, but they now have their own in-line microphone and remote control.

Like the In-Ear3s, Creative's AuralSeal in-ear tech also features, but noise isolation on this model drops to a claimed 95%.

Each model comes with a travel pouch, airplane adapter, various sizes of eartip and an all-important cleaning tool.

The two new pairs of earphones are due on sale in April.

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