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Boston Acoustics TVee Model 30 soundbar can be wall or tabletop mounted

Boston Acoustics TVee Model 30

First there was the Model 20, then the Model 25, now comes news of the £450 TVee Model 30 soundbar from Boston Acoustics.

Shipping in July for £450, the slim 3.1-channel 'virtual' surround soundbar and matching wireless subwoofer is designed to deliver "powerful, room-filling sound".

In 'virtual surround' mode it will re-create "clear movie dialogue and powerful cinematic sound", claims Boston.

A dedicated stereo music mode boosts audio streamed via Bluetooth from a PC and smartphone, or coming from a portable media player connected to the side-located auxiliary input.

It's suitable for use with 40in or larger flatscreen TVs, has three 9cm fibre ceramic copolymer material (FCCM) mid-bass drivers and three 19mm dome tweeters, plus an 18cm FCCM subwoofer.

The system can be mounted on a wall above or below the TV, or rest on any surface.

DSP processing allows it to be configured for wall or tabletop mounting, and the wireless sub can be placed vertically or horizontally wherever the user wants.

Additonal features include a learning remote, analogue or digital connections, and Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding.

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