5th August 2016
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It’s TV turned up to 11: here’s how Philips AmbiLux promises to make gaming even more immersive

The whole point of playing games is to lose yourself in another world – but it can be hard to do that on a small screen, even in a darkened room.

Philips AmbiLux promises to change that by turning your wall into a virtual environment. Here’s how…

The 65in AmbiLux television has nine tiny DLP projectors on the back. They echo the colours and motion you’re seeing on the screen, and project it back onto the wall behind it – making the screen itself appear much larger, the action much more immersive, and the edges of the screen much less apparent.

Philips has tuned the effect with special modes for different types of game, and made sure latency is kept to a minimum (just 38ms) – so the tech can keep up with whatever you’re playing in real-time.

And, of course, the 4K Pixel Precise Ultra HD screen technology means the action on the 65in screen will be just as impressive, while Android TV ensures you have a world of content to choose from.

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