Walmart reportedly releasing three tablets under $100 this week

Walmart reportedly releasing three tablets under $100 this week

A week after announcing plans to beat Amazon’s competitive shipping by offer free next-day delivery on over 200,000 products in select States, Walmart is now looking to rival Amazon’s budget tablets with its own line.

The US retailer is releasing three Android-powered tablets under $100 this week, as reported by Bloomberg

Under Walmart’s ONN electronics store brand, the line-up will comprise a $64 8in tablet, a $79 10.1 model, and another 10.1in-sized variant with a detachable keybord (price unknown), according to an email from the retailer today.

The trio of tablets will run Google’s Android OS, have 16GB of storage and boast a 5.5-hour battery life.

Bloomberg was privy to Walmart's forthcoming plans to enter the tablet market last month, but this is the first we've heard regarding specs and pricing. The alleged affordability may not see Walmart stepping on the toes of Apple's iPads - even older iPad Mini models still cost twice as much as the figures mentioned above - but Amazon's Fire tablets, which ranges from $50 to four times that, will be right in the firing line. So will the likes of Samsung, Lenovo and Huawei. 

Bring on the tussle of the tablets, then.


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