Audyssey SoMa
Innovative new iPod/iPhone/computer speaker system from audio processing company due in the UK by end of year

This is South of Market, the first consumer hardware product from Audyssey, best known for home cinema auto-calibration and sound processing.

Described as an Audio Dock, the new unit combines iPod/iPhone speakers, wireless music streaming, speakerphone functions – and of course Audyssey technology for bass control and equalisation.

Named after the fashionable San Francisco neighbourhood found south of Market Street, or SoMa, the Audyssey unit is due in US stores soon at $399, and the company tells us it should be available in the UK before the end of the year.

As well as offering an iPhone/iPod dock, able to charge as well as play music, the unit can be connected to a computer both to play music and to allow syncing with iTunes. And with its built-in microphones, it can also be used for messaging services such as Skype.

Bluetooth music streaming is also provided, so you can for example connect your iPhones or computer, wirelessly.

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Playback is via a 10cm mid/bass unit and a 19mm tweeter for each channel, and the system uses active crossovers, plus an amplifier for each drive unit.

And there's a raft of Audyssey technologies on board, including BassXT to extend low-frequency response, EQ for system optimisation and Dynamic EQ to improve the sound at low volumes.

Dynamic Voice improves communication when using the microphones by reducing background noise and cancelling echoes, Dynamic Volume is available to equalise the level of content, and there's a choice of tone control technologies.

Audyssey Tilt allows bass and treble controls to work together, so turning up the bass reduces the treble, and vice versa, while Fast Slope Tone allows the treble or bass to be adjusted with affecting other frequencies.

And if all that isn't enough, you can even download a free iPhone/iPod Touch app allowing you to create new EQ curves on the screen, then apply them to the system.

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