US NEWS: Panasonic develops plasma TVs with 2D-3D conversion

Panasonic TX-P50VT20

Panasonic has developed two new 3D TVs for the US market with an in-built 2D-3D conversion function, something previously absent from its 3D Viera range.

2D-3D conversion for both still images and video is a function that has been embraced by rival 3D manufacturers Samsung and Sony, but which Panasonic has until now refused to implement.

Indeed, Panasonic's senior vice president, Bob Perry, once said there'd be no conversion in Panasonic's 3D screens, so this appears to be a change of heart by the Japanese brand.

It may also anger early adopters of Panasonic's V Series 3D plasmas, as these models now miss a feature that may still become key in the future.

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