The £229 Metz Roku MRD6000 could be the cheap smart TV you've been looking for

Metz MRD6000
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At a time when everything seems to be getting more and more expensive, bargains stand out more than ever – and that's what we appear to have before us today. Historic German tech brand Metz has just announced its first TVs for the UK, and there are two things you need to know right off the bat: these are super-smart Roku TVs, and the 4K models start at just £229.

That eye-openingly low price will get you a fairly slick-looking 43-inch set, but the range (known as MRD6000) also includes 50-inch (£279), 55-inch (£329) and 65-inch (£449) models. As well as boasting a 4K resolution, the MRD6000 TVs also support HDR10 and HLG, and Dolby and DTS audio (though unsurprisingly not Dolby Atmos or DTS:X) can be output by the TV's two-channel sound system.

Processing comes from Metz’s own Trochilus Extreme picture engine, and the IPS-type LCD panel has a direct LED backlight with apparently lower blue light than other backlit TVs, with the intention of reducing eye strain, particularly when watching at night.

Of course, the decision to go with the Roku smart platform is an important and sensible one, in that it immediately grants access to every major app and streaming service and makes everything very user-friendly. There are slicker, more exciting platforms out there, but none are as straightforward as Roku. The Freeview Play service is built-in too, so access to live and on-demand TV is equally simple.

The MRD6000 also supports Apple AirPlay for streaming from a phone, and the set ‘works with’ Alexa, Google Home and Apple Home. Hopefully ensuring that all of this streaming works snappily is super-fast Wi-Fi 5.

Should you want to bolster all of the streaming smarts with separate sources such as games consoles, set-top boxes or a Blu-ray player, the MRD6000 has three HDMI sockets, one of which also supports eARC for lossless output of sound to a compatible soundbar or AV amp. Predictably these aren't HDMI 2.1 sockets, so hardcore gamers will likely want to look elsewhere.

If the 43-inch model isn't small enough or cheap enough for you, Metz is also launching Full HD 32-inch and 40-inch MTD6000 models as well, priced at £159 and £199 respectively. These TVs have just two HDMI sockets each and use VA-type panels, but they otherwise appear to be similarly specced to the larger MRD6000 TVs.

All models in the new Metz Roku TV range are expected to go on sale in October.


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