The Xbox app is now available on Samsung TVs – so too are GeForce Now and Stadia

Samsung Gaming Hub
(Image credit: Samsung)

Rolling out now to all 2022 Samsung Smart TVs is Samsung's new Gaming Hub application. The Samsung Gaming Hub was announced at CES 2022 and is aimed at bringing together all of the major game streaming services in one simple package.

The biggest news is the smart TV debut of the Xbox app, which allows gamers to play Xbox games without a Microsoft console or PC. If you've got a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you'll be able to log into your Samsung TV and start gaming, no console required.

It's not just Xbox on board, though – the Samsung Gaming Hub also contains Nvidia GeForce Now, Google Stadia and Utomik, and Amazon Luna is 'coming soon'.

How on Earth can a TV power modern console games? It can't, but don't let that worry you: essentially all of the rendering for game streaming is done by servers in the cloud, which means your local machine (in this case a TV) needs very little processing power of its own. Samsung's line of smart TVs should be more than capable, but that's not a guarantee of flawless performance – the speed of your internet connection will be the big differentiator here.

Samsung's Gaming Hub also ties in easy connections to services such as Twitch and YouTube, so you can easily access whatever gaming content you want all from one dedicated place.

Time to ditch dedicated consoles? We'll be testing the Samsung Gaming Hub just as soon as possible.


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