The Music Pill: wireless earbuds with built-in Bluetooth speaker charging case

Vissle's new Music Pill: true wireless headphones and Bluetooth speaker in the charging case
(Image credit: Vissle)

Ever thought to yourself: if only my headphones' wireless charging case could double as a portable speaker? Honestly, us neither. But that doesn't mean it's not a good idea. Imagine the impromptu gatherings you could bring the tunes to, simply by slipping your wireless earbuds back into their charging case to fire-up the mini Bluetooth speaker. 

Brainchild of start-up company Vissles, the Music Pill promises to do just that. Also promised: Bluetooth 5.0, AAC support, intuitive touch control, voice assistant integration as well as PNC (passive noise-cancellation) from the buds themselves. 

We don't know an awful lot more about the Music Pill. If you want to find out more, it seems the Vissles mailing list is the way to go (we see what they're doing here). Despite staying tight-lipped on the Music Pill's recommended retail price, Vissles is promising a 45 per cent discount on its product should you sign up. 

The Music Pill's earbuds/speaker combination appears to come in both black and white colourways, and the speaker seems to work when the charging box is open or closed. The box itself looks slightly larger than your average charging case, but if it's doubling as a speaker, that's probably a good thing. Though we still wouldn't expect room-shaking sound.

Rumour has it that the firm is launching the Music Pill via a Kickstarter campaign soon, at which point we'd anticipate a list of technical specs – and no small amount of interest. Pledge, and, as long as you've got your headphones, you'll never have to get annoyed with yourself for forgetting your Bluetooth speaker ever again. 


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