The latest vintage speakers are here: Elipson expands Heritage range with XLS11

The latest vintage speakers are here: Elipson expands Heritage range with XLS11
(Image credit: Elipson)

Elipson, the French audio specialist best known for its planet-shaped speakers, has announced the latest addition to its Heritage series. 

The Heritage XLS11 loudspeakers feature the same 1970s aesthetic as the larger, 2020-released XLS15, including a similar three-way design and wooden cabinet. Don't be fooled by those retro looks, though: the XLS11 are crammed with modern tech.

The new 8-inch cellulose bass driver is derived from the 12-inch version on the more expensive XLS15, while the 0.8-inch silk dome tweeter takes its inspiration from the flagship model in the firm's Prestige Facet range. Nice.

Ready to let rip with some Grateful Dead? Go ahead. But Elipson is keen to point out that the XLS11 will add "pleasure and enjoyment to all genres of music". You can even personalise the sound by tweaking the amplitude of the high- and mid-ranges by 2dB.

The 56cm-tall speakers will sit quite happily on the floor, but if you want to ramp up the vintage vibes you might wish to splash out on the optional feet which have been designed to raise and angle the speakers to ensure optimal "acoustic phasing". 

The XLS11 speakers are available from Elipson Heritage retailers now for £1,499.99 per pair (around $1800 / AU$2600). The XLS11 Stand 1 feet will set you back an extra £249.99 per pair (around $300 / AU$440).

Elipson is by no means the only company going back to the future. From the five-star Mission 770 speakers to JBL's impressive L82 Classic, there are plenty of options for those who applaud hi-fi's growing infatuation with nostalgia.


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