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The 6 best cheap Amazon Prime Day deals under £50 still live now

(Image credit: Ultimate Ears)

It's the last night of Amazon's 48-hour deal extravaganza and you've arrived fashionably late to the party. You're not here to spend large amounts of cash either – what of it? You're here now. Who says you can't have a tasty slice of the Prime Day pie? Whisper it but Christmas is coming... 

With prices in the world of audio electronics, headphones and smart devices split open yet further as Prime Day draws to a close, a smorgasbord of extra deals is still being brought to the table – if you only know where to look. 

And do ya? Do ya, punk? We jest, of course. We've spent days searching to bring together the most delectable wallet-friendly Amazon Prime Day deals. Every one of these deals comes in at under £50, but some are now far less. New Bluetooth speaker? In-ear headphones? Amazon Alexa device? By all means, have at these. Something on this roundup might just be a perfect stocking-filler, a gift solution or a mini treat for you. 


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