tannoy definition
New line-up based around latest versions of the company's Dual Concentric drivers, at prices starting from £2499/pr

Tannoy's Definition speaker line-up is pitched unashamedly high, with models from just under £2500 up to almost £5000. And unusually for a new speaker range, the Dimensions are aimed purely at music enthusiasts, with not a centre speaker of subwoofer in sight.

The Definition models are based around the latest versions of Tannoy's familiar Dual Concentric drive units, which place the tweeter at the centre of the mid/bass cone for optimal focus.

The smallest model in the range, the standmount DC8, uses a single 20cm Dual Concentric driver and costs £2499 a pair, while the floorstanding DC8T, at £3999/pr, combines the same driver unit with an additional 20cm bass unit.

The range-topping DC10T uses a 25cm Dual Concentric plus a bass unit of the same size, and will sell for £4999/pr.Cooler, slower-growing cabinetsAll three speakers use heavy, ported cabinets built from birch plywood, which Tannoy says is "sourced from cooler, slower-growing regions to further improve the natural acoustic properties of the laminate." The cabinets are trapezoidal in shape, and formed from complex parabolic curves to minimise resonances and internal reflections.

The drivers are braced to the cabinets using Tannoy's Differential Material Technology, and connected together using a simple crossover built from high-end components

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The big freezeOnce assembled, the entire crossover board is subjected to Deep Cryogenic Treatment, being cooled to -190C then slowly thawed out. This, Tannoy says, "permanently reduces internal stresses in the microstructure of the crossover's components, joints and conductors, leading to further improved signal transfer and greater resolution of fine detail."

The speakers are wired internally with silver-plated cables, and connected using WBT terminals, including Tannoy's unique fifth terminal to ground the driver chassis.

Hand-finished in deep-lustre black, cherry or dark walnut, the speakers all have a gloss lacquer finish.