The streaming service’s new feature, available now, looks to end your working week by introducing you to the newest songs on its platform - specifically curated to your music tastes.

Spotify has released today a new, curated playlist called Release Radar. Similar to the Discover Weekly feature that’s updated every Monday, Release Radar is a personalised playlist that includes up to two hours of new music from artists you follow and often listen to, as well as some new musicians based on your listening history. 

Matt Ogle, the Senior Product Owner at Spotify, says the “huge amount of new music released every week [makes it] difficult to keep up with the latest tracks.”

Specification and personalisation provide the key focus for this new feature, in contrast to Spotify's already existing New Release Friday UK playlist. And, according to the company, “the more you listen, the better it gets”.

Release Radar is available on both the web and mobile versions of Spotify, as well as its iOS and Android apps.

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Spotify is awesome - I

Spotify is awesome - I subscribe and love it and read yours and other's pieces on it with interest however I'm puzzled there is never any mention of it's unadvertised limit on the amount of music you can save to My Music - 10k items.

I think you should be taking a star off it for this reason and making people aware of it when reviewing.