Samsung's latest QD-OLED is even more expensive than the LG G3 (in the UK)

Samsung S95C QD-OLED TV
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If you thought the LG G3 was expensive, then you might want to prepare yourself for Samsung's latest QD-OLED. The Korean conglomerate has revealed the pricing for its full 2023 TV range, including the pricing for the S95C, S90C and its Neo QLED sets, and it's looking like a steep increase over last year's models unfortunately.  

Starting off with Samsung's latest and greatest S95C QD-OLED. Unfortunately, it's receiving a hefty price bump. Its predecessor, the S95B, started at £1999 / $1799 in the UK and US respectively for the 55-inch mode, while the 65-inch retailed for £2999 / $2799 at launch. Samsung is upping this to £2700 / $2500 for the 55-inch S95B, and £3600 / $3300 for the 65-inch model, with the addition of a 77-inch model this year, which will cost £5100 / $4500.

Samsung S95C prices vs S95B 

  • 55-inch (UK): £2700 vs £2000 - increase of £700
  • 55-inch (US): $2500 vs $1800 - increase of $700
  • 65-inch (UK): £3600 vs £2900 - increase of £700
  • 65-inch (US): $3300 vs $2800 - increase of $500

Interestingly, LG has managed to undercut Samsung with its latest OLED flagship, the G3 OLED. In the UK, the G3 is £100 cheaper than the equivalent-sized S95C, which looks like a tactical move from LG to us. In the States, the G3 and S95C cost exactly the same, which may make choosing between them even harder. 

Samsung S95C prices vs LG G3

  • 55-inch (UK): £2700 vs £2600
  • 55-inch (US): $2500 vs $2500 
  • 65-inch (UK): £3600 vs £3500
  • 65-inch (US): $3300 vs $3300

Luckily, Samsung is introducing a new QD-OLED model this year that is slightly more affordable. The S90C doesn't appear to utilise the next-generation QD-OLED panel of the S95C, meaning it could perform similarly to the S95B from last year. In a strange phenomenon reflecting the current state of inflation, the S90C will cost more than the S95B in the UK, but in the US it actually undercuts the previous year's flagship's launch price. The 55-inch model will retail for £2200 / $1900 at launch and will be available in both the UK and the US, however the same cannot be said for the other two size options.

It looks like the 65-inch S90C will come to the UK but not the US, and will cost £3000, whereas the 77-inch model will cost $3600 and will be exclusive to the US. Samsung hasn't shared any information regarding pricing and availability in Australia for either of these QD-OLED models as of yet. This is somewhat to be expected, however, as the S95B didn't go on sale in Australia until August 2022, despite launching in April for most other markets. 

Samsung has also revealed the pricing for a host of its other TVs, including its 8K and 4K "Neo QLED" sets and 4K QLED models. The 8K Neo QLED sets (otherwise known as Mini LEDs outside of Samsung's branding) vary in price depending on the model, with prices ranging from £2600 all the way up to £9600, or $3500 up to $6500 in the States. There are also a lot of UK and European-exclusive 4K sets at more affordable prices, of which you can find a full breakdown of prices on FlatpanelsHD.

Are you planning on picking up a new Samsung QD-OLED despite the price increase? Or will the last-gen (but still very much five-star) S95B be the more sensible choice, especially as prices have dropped since launch?


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  • Hifiman
    And to think you might believe that now there is competition between the OLEDs of Samsung and LG that it would make them less expensive.
    I bought my 55 inch LG C1 about 9 months ago for £899 with an additional £100 off in the form of a voucher. Admittedly it was on offer, but how many people are there who would happily pay three times that amount for one of these?
  • kdbur
    And they have the nerve to not add 'Dolby Vision'?

    Dreadful company.