Samsung's 2011 TV range revealed in all its glory

I’ve just returned from Budapest, where I attended the Samsung Forum, the big European launch event for the company’s 2011 products. Now, touchy-tiddly-tablets notwithstanding, I’ve a feeling that what you are all waiting for is a complete breakdown of the TV ranges, complete with estimated prices. Well, allow me to oblige...

Be aware that these prices are guides only – Samsung doesn’t set prices for its TVs, and retailers are free to do what retailers do. No, I don’t mean blind you with science then sell you a tumble dryer you didn’t need: I mean compete as aggressively on price as they can without actually going out of business. So, the prices are just a guide – clear? Good.

Let’s start with the plasma sets:

The entry-level 4 Series plasma sets come in 43in and 51in screen sizes. Eh? I hear you cry... Well. Samsung’s 2011 plasma design (with its very thin bezel) has added one inch of viewable screen to all of its sets, so 42in becomes 43in, 50in becomes 51in, etc. Samsung claims that in design terms, this entry-level design is “really strong compared to price rivals”.

4 Series plasma prices:

PS43D450A2WXXU guide price £549.99

PS51D450A2WXXU guide price £749.99

Samsung's SSG-3700CR lightweight 3D glasses

Then there’s the 490 plasma. This is an HD-ready, (not Full HD) 3D plasma. It comes in 43in and 51in, the other difference being that the 51in has Freeview HD. Samsung says this TV is “Aimed at the Sky and Virgin 3D consumers. We know that passive 3D tends to work well with 3D broadcasts – but this active 3D plasma is our product to go up against LG and the passive sets they’re doing”.

In particular, If you’re only (or mainly) watching 3D content through broadcasts from Sky or Virgin, “this is the perfect product for you” according to Samsung.

It’s worth noting that these plasma prices are very competitive – a 51in 3D plasma set for around £899 sounds good to us…

490 prices:

PS43D490A1WXXU guide price £699.99

PS51D495A1KXXU guide price £899.99

Next up is the 5 Series Plasma, namely the 550. It comes in 51in and 59in sizes, and is the entry-level full HD plasma. It is 3D, but has no smart TV functionality.

5 Series plasma prices:

PS51D550C1KXXU guide price £999.99

PS59D550C1KXXU guide price £1,599.99

Samsung PDP D6900

The 6 Series plasma takes the form of the 6900 plasma. It comes in 51in and 59in, and has Freeview HD, Freesat HD and Smart TV functions.

6 Series plasma prices:

PS51D6900DKXXU guide price £1,299.99

PS59D6900DKXXU guide price £1,899.99

"This is," says Samsung, "where Panasonic is very, very strong. With these products – the 6900 and the 8000 Series plasma – we will go head to head with them on functionality, picture quality and design.”

Samsung PDP D8000

8 Series plasma

Then we have the flagship plasma, The 8000 Series. This comes fully loaded with Freesat HD, Freeview HD, Smart Hub tech, 3D, and a design style taken from the 2010 C8000 LED design. The 8000 Plasma also has micro-dimming, which means enhanced contrast, and a “much sharper picture” than rivals – claims Samsung. And at 34mm, it’s the slimmest plasma product of its size on the market.

It comes in 51in and 64in screen sizes:

PS51D8000FUXXU guide price £1,699.99

PS64D8000FUXXU guide price £2,999.99

On to the LCD models…

The entry-level LCD set is the 450. It comes only in 19in and 32in screen sizes, is HD-ready, and has 4 HDMI ins on the 32in, one on the 19in.

LE19D450G1WXXU guide price £199.99

LE32D450G1WXXU guide price £399.99

Then there’s the 5 Series: this comes in two forms, the 550 and the 580.

The 550 is a Full HD LCD TV, with a design style identical to the top-end 750 set in 2010. It Has DLNA, but no Smart TV or 3D capability. The 580 is the same set, but with Freeview HD. They both come in 32, 37, 40 and 46in sizes.

550 prices:

LE32D550K1WXXU guide price £459.99

LE37D550K1WXXU guide price £549.99

LE40D550K1WXXU guide price £599.99

LE46D550K1WXXU guide price £849.99

580 prices:

LE32D580K2KXXU guide price £499.99

LE37D580K2KXXU guide price £599.99

LE40D580K2KXXU guide price £649.99

LE46D580K2KXXU guide price £899.99

Samsung LED 7000 side on

Now we’re on to the LED TV range.

The 4 Series LED is the basic, HD-ready, entry level set, coming in 19in and 32in sizes. Now, here’s wher it gets a bit complex, as there are colour variations:

The 4000 is black

The 4010 is white

The 4020 is rose black

Approx. Prices:

UE19D4000NWXXU guide price £249.99

UE19D4010NWXXU guide price £249.99

UE19D4020NWXXU guide price £249.99

UE32D4000NWXXU guide price £499.99

UE32D4010NWXXU guide price £499.99

UE32D4020NWXXU guide price £499.99

Next up, the LED 5 Series. Like the 4 Series it comes with these colour variations – so 5000, 5010 and 5020 product names. The 5 Series is Full HD from 32in size upwards, and they have a different design to the 22in and 27in versions.

5 Series LED approx prices (again, please note these are only estimates at this stage):

UE22D5000NWXXU guide price £299.99

UE22D5010NWXXU guide price £299.99

UE22D5020NWXXU guide price £299.99

UE27D5000NWXXU guide price £429.99

UE27D5010NWXXU guide price £429.99

UE27D5020NWXXU guide price £429.99

UE32D5000PWXXU guide price £529.99

UE37D5000PWXXU guide price £659.99

UE40D5000PWXXU guide price £729.99

UE46D5000PWXXU guide price £979.99

5500 Series LED:

This is where the Smart TV begin in the LED range – 5 Series plasma sets don’t have smart TV, but these LED versions do. The 5500 has no Wi-fi built in (it needs an optional dongle), but it does have the basic version of Smart Hub, giving you access to the range of Samsung apps including LoveFilm, iPlayer, etc. The 5500 is Full HD.

5500 Series LED predicted prices:

UE32D5520RKXXU guide price £599.99

UE37D5520RKXXU guide price £729.99

UE40D5520RKXXU guide price £799.99

UE46D5520RKXXU guide price £1,049.99

Samsung LED D6500

On to the 6 Series LED:

In 2010, the 6 Series didn’t have 3D – this year it does. There are two models, the 6100 and the 6900. The 6100 comes in 32, 37, 40, 46 and 55in screen sizes, and includes enhanced Smart functionality, including the Search All, Your Video and Social TV functions. No Skype, though.

6100 estimated prices:

UE32D6100SKXXU guide price £749.99

UE37D6100SKXXU guide price £879.99

UE40D6100SKXXU guide price £949.99

UE46D6100SKXXU guide price £1,249.99

UE55D6100SKXXU guide price £1,699.99

The 6500 Series takes the from of the 6530 with a very thin, 12mm bezel. It’s also a 3D model, and there’s a white version called the 6510. Samsung says this is “a premium set – we’ve got really high hopes for this TV” The 6530 adds further ‘Smart’ functionality including Skype (for which you’ll need to buy the Samsung-made optional camera), and the web browser.

6530 estimated prices:

UE32D6530WKXXU guide price £899.99

UE37D6530WKXXU guide price £1,029.99

UE40D6530WKXXU guide price £1,099.99

UE46D6530WKXXU guide price £1,449.99

UE55D6530WKXXU guide price £2,099.99

Samsung LED 7000

The 7 Series LED and 8 Series LED:

The 7 and 8 Series’ TVs are exactly the same, apart from their aesthetic design. That said, they both have a super-thin, 5mm bezel. The 7 Series LED features Samsung’s ‘crystal’ finish, and comes in 40, 46 and 55in screen sizes. The 8 Series will also have 60in. Samsung says ‘We’re really proud of these two products: they have a faster panel and better motion performance than last year’s equivalent models.’ They come in 40, 46 and 55in screen sizes.

The two models have the super narrow bezel (5mm), ultra slim design, 3D, Micro dimming, 3D hyper real engine, 800Hz CMR, mega dynamic contrast, Smart Hub with Search All, Your Video, Social TV, Web Browser and Skype HD.

7 Series LED estimated prices:

UE40D7000LUXXU guide price £1,349.99

UE46D7000LUXXU guide price £1,699.99

UE55D7000LUXXU guide price £2,349.99

Samsung LED D8000

8 Series LED estimated prices:

UE40D8000YUXXU guide price £1,499.99

UE46D8000YUXXU guide price £1,849.99

UE55D8000YUXXU guide price £2,499.99

Once more, we must stress that all the prices in the above blog are estimates only - TVs may go on sale for different prices, depending on a range of retail issues, including popularlity/availability of models.

And that, as they say, is that. We’ll be adding information to this blog as we get it, and we’re pushing to get the products in for review as soon as possible. Look out for our April issue – on sale March 10th – which has our exclusive review of the 46in D8000.