The Digital Radio Working Group is expected to predict next week that the majority of radio stations will move to digital by 2020

After a series of meetings between representatives of commercial radio, the BBC, community radio, Ofcom and other interested parties, the Digital Radio Working Group expects the move from analogue to digital radio to be close to completion by 2020.

Despite various setbacks – such as Channel 4's decision to ditch its plans for digital radio as we reported here – the DRWG is expected to say that most radio content will be digital by 2020.

This is despite the belief that some parts of the country may well still be unable to receive a DAB signal even by 2020. As a result, a blanket analogue switch-off date like the 2012 deadline set for terrestrial television is unlikely.

DRWG had originally said that the digital switchover should be completed between 2015 and 2020.

Other issues expected to be tackled include sorting who will pay for required upgrades to the DAB signal, how to encourage car manufacturers to fit more in-car digital radios and the reorganising of the existing DAB station multiplexes.

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