psb synchrony
Seven-strong line-up to hit British shops at the end of November

The Synchrony speaker range from Canadian company PSB, which we first covered in one of Andy Clough's blog postings from the 2007 CEDIA Expo, is soon to be available in the UK.

Described by the company as "a family of statement designs", the Synchrony range starts with a £999-a-pair bookshelf/standmount model, and goes right up to a five-driver floorstander, at £2999/pr.

There are also two centre speakers and a tri-mode surround speaker in the range, which will hit UK shops late next month.

The company says "the Synchrony designs are exhaustively engineered, balanced, and voiced to produce a consistent, accurate, transparent and dynamic musical reproduction across the line."

The smallest speaker in the Synchrony range is the £999/pr Two B, with the £1499/pr One B being slightly larger, and using a bigger mid/bass driver to give it useful output down to 40Hz.

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The two floorstanding speakers are the Synchrony One, at £2999/pr, and Synchrony Two, at £1999/pr. The larger speaker uses three identical 16.5cm woofers, each rolling off at a different frequency to give a smooth on-axis and off-axis response.

Each driver is also housed in its own enclosure, each of these being of a different size and having its own port tuning.

The smaller Synchrony Two uses the same design, but with 13.5cm drivers.

Centre-channel duties can be handled by the £1199 Synchrony One C or the more compact Synchrony Two C, at £899, while the surrounds are the tri-mode Synchrony S, at £1299/pr.

These offer the choice of bipole, dipole or monopole operation, and like the other Synchrony speakers are available in hand-rubbed dark cherry or black ash veneers.

PSB speakers are distributed in the UK by Armour Home Electronics.