Pioneer annnounces £400 BDP-51FD Blu-ray player

Pioneer BDP-51FD

The BDP-51FD will offer an alternative to the imminent BDP-LX71, at £600, and the BDP-LX91 at around £1500.

There will also be a fourth, 'luxury' player, the BDP-LX08, which will look to offer something different cosmetically while boasting a similar spec to the 'LX71 and selling for £680.

The £400 'entry-level' '51FD will be a profile 1.1 player but naturally still with 1080p/24fps video playback and HD audio decoding on board for all the available codecs.

While the style and build will not be of the same standard as the more expensive models - more plastic, less aluminium, and a different remote - we naturally still expect the product to have some of the usual Pioneer design appeal.

We're doing our best to get our hands on some of these new players for review, so watch this space.