Philips adds three new Blu-ray players for 2011

Philips 5000 Blu-ray

Philips has introduced three new Blu-ray players for 2011. The entry-level 3000 Series is joined by two 3D-capable players, the 5000 and 7000.

Both the 5000 and 7000 players feature the company’s new Smart TV entertainment hub, allowing you to stream music and video as well as access on-demand Net TV content.

Integrated wi-fi, HD audio decoding, DLNA support and a smartphone remote control app are all supported by the two premium models.

The flagship 7000 player also includes Philips’ latest CinemaPerfect HD picture processing technology, which naturally promises a leap in picture performance.

At the more affordable end of the market is the 3000 Series, also billed as wi-fi ready, capable of delivering HD audio and with DLNA streaming and a USB input.

All three players are DivX Plus HD certified and promise ‘one of the widest ranges of audio and video formats available’.

We will confirm availability and pricing just as soon as we get it.

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