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NEWS: QED targets gamers with PS3 HDMI cables

Sorry to disappoint all you Xbox 360 owners out there, but Sony's PS3 is proving popular as an affordable Blu-ray player. So cable company QED has unleashed a range of dedicated HDMI cables for the PS3.

The new QED Live HDMI cable is fully compliant with the latest HDMI 1.3 specification and can handle 1080p Full HD images.

QED claims the cable uses 99.9% pure oxygen-free copper conductors throughout and has high levels of screening, plus a gold Mylar wrap to keep interference to a minimum.

It's available in four lengths: 1m (£45), 2m (£50), 3m (£55) and 5m (£65).

QED cables are distributed in the UK by Armour Home Electronics.

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