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NEWS: Evesham ships two new 1080p Alqemi TVs with free DVD player

Thinking of buying a new telly for Christmas and want a DVD player to go with it? Evesham is giving away a free DVD player with its new 37in and 42in 1080p, Full HD Alqemi VX models (while stocks last). The TVs cost £649 and £799 respectively.

Both LCD screens have 1920 x 1080 resolution and come with built-in analogue and Freeview tuners, while sound comes courtesy of Nicam 3D 'panoramic stereo'.

You get two HDMI connections, Picture in Picture (PiP) function and an environmentally-friendly power consumption of just 0.96 watts in standby.

Contrast ratio on the 37in model is 1500:1, while on the 42in it's 1200:1.

The DVD player is region-free, upscales to 720p and 1080i, has a digital output and supports MP3, jpeg and DiVX playback.

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