Interested in TVs? Listen to the What Hi-Fi? Sound And Vision team of experts discuss their in-depth reviews of all the best 32in TVs on the market – in the new-look June 2009 issue's big Supertest!

The new-look June issue of What Hi-Fi Sound And Vision is now on sale, but it doesn't end there.

As you peruse the 32in TV Supertest starting on page 36, you can also listen to the first podcast to accompany the great new June issue.

This podcast is just the first in a series of podcast discussions where you'll be able to listen to our team of expert reviewers having in-depth discussions about all the big tests in the current issue.

How we came to our verdicts; why one product beat another;  the pros and cons of each test competitor – all this and more will be mulled over and discussed by the team, with a large spoonful of general tech talk and irreverant chat thown in.

You can Listen to the June Supertest Podcast here.

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