Naim updates its HDX Hard Disk Player

Naim HDX updated

Available as a download or CD to Naim retailers, Version 1.5 greatly increases the flexibility of the HDX, improving ripping and networking and the handling of 192kHz/24-bit music files.

In addition it adds a UPnP server to the unit, making all its active shares available to networked players, such as Naim's own NaimUniti and UnitiQute, over a network.

The new version allows users to rip music to the HDX hard drive then transfer it to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, and move albums from the local drive to a NAS and back. It allows fast network scanning, reducing waiting time, and the ability to set up share location as well as ignoring network host or share.

The UPnP server is able to deliver six streams at once, thus greatly enhancing multiroom capability, and the HDX can automatically play music out to the UPnP client in native form, converted to .wav or as 44.1kHz/16-bit, depending on the client's requirements. It can also transcode audio to work with Naim's NaimNet custom install systems.

On the audio side, the HDX now handles 192kHz content in native form, supports AIFF and ALAC files, and has an updated FLAC decoder.

Finally, there are improvements to the front panel, TV and web interfaces, and an update to the Desktop Client with improved support for Vista and Windows 7.

HDX owners should contact their Naim dealer for upgrade information.

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