Naim Audio launches Nait XS3 and Supernait 3 integrated amplifiers

Naim Audio launches new Nait and Supernait integrated amplifiers
(Image credit: Naim Audio)

Naim Audio has launched the third generation of its long-running Nait and Supernait integrated amplifiers. 

The big news is the addition of a moving-magnet phono stage to what were previously line-level only units, allowing you to connect a record player. Both integrated amps now also have an upgraded power amplifier section to improve performance further.

The new phono stage is made up of three stages – a gain stage, passive equalisation and final gain and active equalisation. The idea is to minimise noise while delivering plenty of dynamic headroom. 

The equalisation curve chosen is custom, treading the path between traditional RIAA and the IEC alternative. The aim is to deliver a good bass performance combined with enough low-end roll-off to avoid rumble spoiling the sound.

Naim's new Nait XS3

Naim's new Nait XS3 (Image credit: Naim Audio)

Take a look inside either of the amplifiers and you'll find carefully laid-out circuits packed with high quality components, generously specified power supplies using Naim's proprietary DR regulators, and a great deal of attention paid to reducing the effects of microphony on the sound.

Note the generous power supply and typically neat internal construction of Naim's Supernait 3 

Note the generous power supply and typically neat internal construction of Naim's Supernait 3  (Image credit: Naim Audio)

Both amplifiers should be on sale from 31st July, with the Nait XS3 retailing for £2199/€2699/$2999 and the more premium Supernait 3 for £3499/€4299/$4599. We can't wait to have a listen.


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