Micromega returns to the UK

Micromega CD-30

The range will be distributed in the UK by Absolute Sounds, through its network of specialist dealers.

Founded in the 1980s, Micromega launched its top-loading CD-F1 Hi-Tech CD player in 1987, followed by its first CD player with separate transport and DAC the following year.

The company is now under new management, having been bought by Didier Hamdi, a former motorcycle racing world champion and founder of several electrical engineering businesses (including the company responsible for the flash lighting of the Eiffel Tower).

Micromega's founder, Daniel Schar, now leads the firm's R&D department, along with some of his key colleagues.

Micromega's 2009 line-up includes three CD players, three integrated stereo amps, a stereo preamp, two power amps, an FM tuner and a surround preamp/processor.

Each component is designed and manufactured in France, and available in black or silver. The full range is as follows:

CD-10 CD player £799

CD-20 CD player £1222

CD-30 CD player £1599

FM-10 radio tuner £698

IA-60 integrated amp £888

IA-100 integrated amp £1199

IA-180 integrated amp £1698

PA-20 stereo preamp £1290

PW-250 stereo power amp £1500

PW-400 stereo power amp £1998

AVP-180 AV preamp/processor £1680

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